Behind the Scenes of a Forces Perspective Trick #Shorts

2 Apr 2021
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Let me know if you want me to post more Behind the Scenes videos. #shorts

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  • Why did I thought that was Ryan's brother (Kyle) 😅

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  • What about the other magic tricks?

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  • Is this what it’s like to have dinner with the re8 big lady?

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  • Can someone link the original?

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  • Crazy how all our lives it’s just edited

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  • This is fake magic

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  • This whole time it was fake all the magic was fake😡😡😡😡

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  • Even after watching video 3 times in still confused onto how he got bread when he never picked it up

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  • I like how he thinks this is magic. Imagine being that stupid. I could do this shit with my phone tied behind my back. Oh wait exposed sorry kid lol

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  • Kreatif

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  • The movie “Elf” was the first movie to use mainly forced perspective, I believe.

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  • Tưởng ảo thuật đó giờ mà giờ chỉ là ảo giác

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  • Watched it like hundred times. I still don't get it! How did he "pick/stab" the meatball from the plate?

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  • Ah...a world were i would go on a date but I am on the edge of a giant table

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  • After a very careful behind the scenes video at the top, I still can’t tell how it’s done

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  • And then I see it I can’t unsee it

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  • Deleted scene from the hobbit

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  • This time not looks real. Need more practice 😅😅

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  • We were fooled by a illusion

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  • اترند ‏عبد الله فيديوهات في TikTok

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  • Plot twist:Zach is actually Mr beast.. Always creative lol

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  • Omg a very common film trick that this guys been doing on Vine for years now and they’re still just as unimpressive as the first one!!!

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  • I still don’t get it ;-;

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  • Was I supposed to notice the seem on the floor

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  • If you look close enough and stare at the screen for 10 mins straight u can tell

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  • the beginning of “elf” was filmed.

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  • Watching the behind the scenes but still having no clue of how he picked up the roll with the fork

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  • Fun fact: you watched it thrice for the behind scenes and edited and conclusion...

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  • Lots of fake stuff on the internet. Garbage

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  • Thought Zach King's magic are real as a child

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  • You don’t want to have camera movement if you’re doing forced perspective because it doesn’t look real if the frames are in motion

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  • My life’s a lie☹️ I thought u were using magic for all these years

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  • How did that roll disappear from the table?

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