Believe This Fishing ??? Special Fish Trapping System | New Technique Of Catching Country Fish

20 Noy 2017
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Net fishing and fishing net the same style of fishing. In this fishing video, you will see fishing man casts net fishing very well in order to capture a lot of fish for food in the fishing season. Moreover, they always go fishing everyday with their traditional fishing in Cambodia. Sometimes you won’t see the fisherman can’t catch fish too.
Cambodia fishing or khmer fishing by using traditional fishing such as net fishing, fishing rod, fishing bottle, Gopro fishing, Cage fishing or traditional fishing are absolutely fantastic. Furthermore, fishing man…
In Cambodia, Fisherman likes to catch Tilapia, Catfish, and many fish whereas in another country, people go fishing for entertain and they capture fish like: Bass (bass fishing), Catfish, Tilapia, Shark (shark fishing), trout fishing. Mostly, there are a lot of fishing styles: bass fishing, cat fishing, trout fishing, ice fishing, fly fishing, river fishing, sea fishing, fishing planet, bank fishing, fishing challenge, micro fishing….
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  • Nice working and I'm fisher man Iraqi by cast net fishing and you can see me come to see me good like

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  • 4:40 yayayyyy you caught pollution in youre net. Pretty soon wont be any healthy fish left

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  • @ 1:42 - Nice freaking net cast ! 👏🏼

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  • "ICE fishing " in Cambodia ??? GET REAL!! Now that you've caught all those LITTLE fish FOR BAIT ----When are you going fishing for the BIG fish for dinner ????

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