Cheetah Don't Escape From Crocodile Hunting | Big Battle of Leopard, Cheetah, Jaguar vs Crocodile

27 İyl 2019
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Cheetah Don't Escape From Crocodile Hunting | Big Battle of Leopard, Cheetah, Jaguar vs Crocodile
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  • So sad and heart breaking about the sufferings of animals as a prey. And their courage and skills as a predator. But both suffer for their food and stuggle in the eternal viscius circles. Good lessons to o learn from them. How humans have escaped that cycle ?? God given life to us. Are we respect ing our values. ???

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  • Gajenfre moksham.

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  • Por que carajo csmbia de á se ve en el momento exacto del tiene sentido querer entretenerme con su mala edición. Que muestre o que guarde o que se en c....

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  • Music is irritating.... Editing clips non-stop going back and forth is also irritating.

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  • 5:40, the croc seems grinning after it threw the leopard like a piece of garbage.

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  • Ending sand version 😭😭

  • Uhh these are definitely not cheetahs they are jaguars. Jaguars hunt crocodiles all the time

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  • is it a cheetah

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  • croc cant win from jaguar

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  • After seeing the incredible sizes of some crocodiles, I'd be willing to bet that the dinosaurs were awesome, powerful animals!

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  • Ye cheetah nahi tendua hai

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  • Gosto da naturesa sou apachonada por pasaros bichos emfim

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  • 동물세계의 약육강생! 우리 세상 인간사에도 닮은 처지인 거니, 이 모두 신이라는 존재의 짜여진 각본 대로, 이어져가는 것이기도 할 텐데, 그저 이세상에 태어나 살아가야하는 생명체의 힘 없는 존재련가 봅니다.

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  • 7:03 very super

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  • I think I’m gonna steal other videos from you tube, put a stupid soundtrack on and pull in loads of subscriptions

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  • Those that upload garbage like this deserved to be tied to a stake butt naked in the middle of the baking sun of the sahara dersert. Then punished by eternal flogging.

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  • 1st of that’s not a cheetah it’s a leopard lol

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  • Senseless editing. Unlike a picture, a video should tell a story regardless of good content. Editing is crucial in bringing various scenes together to tell that story. This video grab interesting footage but unfortunately edited without directions.

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  • A bunch of random clips piece together... really dumb!

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  • Your background music is very bad

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  • クソザルが喰われるのは何度見ても面白い。 クソザルクソヒヒをどんどんぶち殺して腹いっぱい食べてほしい。

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  • Confuse nobody knows who is hunting who

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  • Feeling bad for the monkey who just rescued her little child from the cheetah but found her child dead...😑

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  • Terrible editing

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  • Que animal magnifico a onca. Consegue levar um crocodilo na boca ou jacare nao sei... mas o fato e real.

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  • i like animal

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  • This is leopard not cheetah

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  • Video was far better but your creativity of tunning spoil everything

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  • 5 ïx6 🍩🍩🐬🐛🐛

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  • I did not see any Cheetah in the video. Change Cheetah to Leopard. I see mostly Leopards.

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  • I am a retired video editor. I made my living editing corporate and special interest videos for more than 40 years. This is one of the worst editing jobs I have ever TRIED to watch. I gave up about four minutes in. The way this was edited resulted in a video that makes absolutely no sense.

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    • Pretty bad eh, the music too.

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  • Disturbing bgm

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  • can i use your content?

  • Whats with the editing? Way to much of editing. Makes it hard to enjoy

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  • 3:31 ok that was funny moment 😅

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  • Malang bg kel yg terkebak cinta terlarang mantu cinta pd mertua balak 12 bg kel itu. Pasti berujung kusut jg nilmat cintabikin kusut hysementara. Tak bs kekal. Yg ada kemudoratan .

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  • Who is real king lion or buffalo for answer go to the link

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  • Wtf ! Threesome in thumbnail 😂😂

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