How To Make A Morticia Addams Doll

30 Apr 2021
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Booo ... Who watched the famous Addams movies? Many people adore this family with supernatural abilities!
And today we decided to transform an ordinary L.O.L. doll into one of the characters of this popular family! Guess who? It's Morticia! She is a tall, thin woman with pale skin in a black dress, resembling a vampire in appearance, who grows poisonous plants in her greenhouse. To remake L.O.L. doll into this famous character, we need to work really hard on her appearance! First, let's redo the hairstyle, because Morticia wears long black hair, then change the makeup! And the final step is Morticia's outfit! We'll sew a stunning black outfit for her, just like in the movie! And of course, since Morticia loves to grow poisonous plants, we will create her own greenhouse!
Who would have thought that we could create such an unusual character from an ordinary L.O.L. doll? But we did it! And in our opinion, it turned out great! Because our doll Morticia looks like in real life! Watch our step-by-step tutorial to repeat this makeover at home!
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