Mountains (Full Episode) | Hostile Planet

14 Dek 2020
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The highest mountains on Earth are home to snow leopards, golden eagles, mountain goats, barnacle goslings and gelada monkeys. But only the toughest can endure the extreme weather, scarce food and limited oxygen on these peaks. Using new technology to showcase never-before-filmed animal behavior, Hostile Planet provides unique access to one of the most extreme environments on the planet.
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Mountains (Full Episode) | Hostile Planet
National Geographic

  • What is one thing you learned about mountains from this episode of Hostile Planet?

    National GeographicNational Geographic2 ay əvvəl
    • The team of National Geography is too appreciable to bring such a masterpiece.

      sheikh ishfaqsheikh ishfaq7 saat əvvəl
    • It's no good for sunbathing

      James OgdenJames Ogden15 saat əvvəl
    • @Kri MD use Ad blocker i didn't get 1 add

      Ron AltavillaRon Altavilla20 saat əvvəl
    • @Carlos Noda ;

      Manzoor AliManzoor Ali2 gün əvvəl
    • @Carlos Noda ?.;.

      Manzoor AliManzoor Ali2 gün əvvəl
  • But if only God would change that system it is so unfair

    Bobi PapyBobi PapySaat əvvəl
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    أعظم علاجاتأعظم علاجاتSaat əvvəl
  • Snow leopard got mad skills.

    Nun yerbusinessNun yerbusiness3 saat əvvəl
  • love it

    Benjamin Djebali-RadowitzBenjamin Djebali-Radowitz4 saat əvvəl
  • سبحان الله

    Hunter ChandioHunter Chandio7 saat əvvəl
  • REKLAMY🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    J 23J 237 saat əvvəl
  • where is this place ? it is so cool, if i was there ,maybe i am not alive like some animal

    Cậu Tuấn Xem Tử vi 0978350768 - 0356488989Cậu Tuấn Xem Tử vi 0978350768 - 03564889898 saat əvvəl
  • okay but why is this baby chick a rag doll 🥺

    Braeden MillarBraeden Millar14 saat əvvəl
  • This has to be the best wildlife films I've ever seen. The best. Period.

    Shashikant MitkariShashikant Mitkari14 saat əvvəl
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  • Do Geese See God

    sanjursansanjursan20 saat əvvəl
  • Magnificent.

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    Tyler YinTyler Yin21 saat əvvəl
  • Sometimes I'm not thankful enough for being a human being, not having to deal with some of the natures harder aspects like when those chicks fell down the rocks... that was insane!

    S.S.M. ArtismS.S.M. Artism23 saat əvvəl
  • Amazing.. I really like this video.

    amri grafisamri grafisGün əvvəl
  • "Now with rise in the global temperature, life is even tougher". It doens't make sense. I thought that with the rise of temperature life would be better.

    Francisco ContreraFrancisco ContreraGün əvvəl
  • шикарное кино

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  • 1st chick eaten by crow 2nd fallen but injured and died 3rd fallen but survived

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  • We must save our planet.

  • I love video

    Bắp ĐậuBắp ĐậuGün əvvəl
  • Wow decs

    Yhen CalagoYhen CalagoGün əvvəl
  • I feel like we were put here to feed the animal's nothing would go extinct if we did

    royal mcmorrisroyal mcmorrisGün əvvəl
  • Just goes to show you, we humans DO NOT deserve to be in the company of all these incredible creatures..all mankind can do is DESTROY! Makes me ashamed to be part of the human race!

    Mary KarleMary KarleGün əvvəl
  • Hey it's the dude who stays in a motel!

    Erik LarsonErik LarsonGün əvvəl
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    ma jamesma jamesGün əvvəl
  • This is only adverts. Theres nothing else to watch! i gave up in the first 10 minutes.

    Pedro AlmeidaPedro AlmeidaGün əvvəl
  • Amazing...Beautiful... I love nature and Mountains

    Bekir DemiragBekir Demirag2 gün əvvəl
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    Thomas SrsichThomas Srsich2 gün əvvəl
  • Love this

    Tony B MoviehoodTony B Moviehood2 gün əvvəl

    PandaPanda2 gün əvvəl
  • Human selfishness, stupidity, and lack of awareness are just too much.

    Hot SauceHot Sauce2 gün əvvəl
  • 22:04

    Dark LoserDark Loser2 gün əvvəl
  • Bars snow!

    Stefan StoyanovStefan Stoyanov2 gün əvvəl
  • The very survival of the fittest ! How it was beautifully filmed remains unexplained ! ====== Matts'

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  • this film it is greater than avtar...classical than titanic tougher than an unwritten script...

    kathi bharathkathi bharath2 gün əvvəl
  • I’m wheezing at 6:29 😂

    Gabriel MartinezGabriel Martinez2 gün əvvəl
  • Current was strong not to strong

    mitch goldsteinmitch goldstein3 gün əvvəl
  • It’s summer

    mitch goldsteinmitch goldstein3 gün əvvəl
  • Climate has always changed

    mitch goldsteinmitch goldstein3 gün əvvəl
  • 15:45 "One of the largest gatherings of monkeys on the planet." Only second to my high school.

    monsoonmonsoon3 gün əvvəl
  • After watching this, there's only one thing I'm concerned about, the chick's bone after fall if there was a severe damage. 😯

    Byahe ni ManokByahe ni Manok3 gün əvvəl
  • so cute big cat🥰🥰😘😘🤗🤗

    Bang ItoBang Ito3 gün əvvəl
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    سيف المواليسيف الموالي3 gün əvvəl
  • at least third one survived...

    hihi hihihi hi3 gün əvvəl
  • At 39:56 when the eagles are fighting they really added sword blade sound effects when they’re attacking with their claws?? 😂

    MarioMario3 gün əvvəl
  • Khermoso se ve muy lindo

    Federico CanalesFederico Canales3 gün əvvəl
  • I hate how climate change is ruining everything >:(

    Andrea SoteloAndrea Sotelo3 gün əvvəl
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    We HereWe Here4 gün əvvəl
  • Okay.. this is sad. Really sad.

    Zakaria BahaZakaria Baha4 gün əvvəl
  • anyone else start dying laughing when the third chick just started slowly falling from the rock lmfao

    Garrett McDonaldGarrett McDonald4 gün əvvəl
  • Is the cameraman john cena?

    Kareem ShammasKareem Shammas4 gün əvvəl
  • Broke his ankles 🤯

    Joe LopezJoe Lopez4 gün əvvəl
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  • is incredible life for animals beaituful

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  • Hear touching. It’s amazing .❤️

    md rezaul Karimmd rezaul Karim4 gün əvvəl
  • Takie gesi sa w barlinku

    ÇÀBÅ ÇÄBÅÇÀBÅ ÇÄBÅ5 gün əvvəl
  • Best documentary!!

    Sri HarshaSri Harsha5 gün əvvəl
  • when 2 of the chicks brothers died, little chick starts a new journey with his mom and dad

    John SaikalyJohn Saikaly5 gün əvvəl
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    Leo TanLeo Tan5 gün əvvəl
  • that f**king crow, the poor chick survived a fall, he should just say gg and move on, and also the snow leopard looked like tai lung from kung fu panda lel

    Haroon BakobanHaroon Bakoban5 gün əvvəl
  • Barnacle geese are like spartans in the making

  • barely image ow was brutal nature for first humans

    nath cascennath cascen5 gün əvvəl
  • This is a master class of a documentary, I mean seriously how some of these shots are even possible. By far one of the best documentary I’ve ever seen. It must have taken so much time and effort. This is talent!

    Ali MahmudAli Mahmud5 gün əvvəl
  • hahaha

    Saima Islam NancySaima Islam Nancy6 gün əvvəl
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    huang gaohuang gao6 gün əvvəl
  • bird survives 400ft free fall just to get eaten by a bigger bird...

    Matt BaderMatt Bader6 gün əvvəl
  • Incredible India.

    Ishan ShahIshan Shah6 gün əvvəl
  • Dang the ducks legit committing suicide

    Elijah WoodzElijah Woodz6 gün əvvəl
  • I am vietnamese, I am interested in watching this channel, I can listen and understand whole its content

    Celtic NghiaCeltic Nghia6 gün əvvəl
  • Came cuz I was bored stayed to see if my homie snow leopard made it

    radicalzzradicalzz6 gün əvvəl
  • Could do without the climate change narrative - but what a film 😀

    Gery EllibeeGery Ellibee6 gün əvvəl
  • Could do without climate

    Gery EllibeeGery Ellibee6 gün əvvəl
  • Me love nature 😍💕❤️ and wildlife. Thank you

    m Bobsm Bobs6 gün əvvəl
  • Where r all the 15k liked comments

    radicalzzradicalzz6 gün əvvəl
  • Snow Leppard Amazing!!

    Irma HayesIrma Hayes6 gün əvvəl
  • was anyones else 2 seconds away from aheart attack when the chicks fell and did anyone else wish they were there with a sniper to take out the crow who took the chick. rip the 2 chick they lived for 5 minutes.

    twitch drewtwitch drew7 gün əvvəl
  • National geographic very good hardworking

    Poper ZulerPoper Zuler7 gün əvvəl
  • NÁDHERA a nemilosrdný zákon přírody !

    Jan StarýJan Starý7 gün əvvəl
  • I was into this right up to the point Bare Grills showed up.

    fishfuxorsfishfuxors7 gün əvvəl
    • What why

      rohanrohan6 gün əvvəl
  • good movement for hunting is the same as in my place but the animal is different, namely the Komodo dragon😁

    Pesona Alam Bebas ChannelPesona Alam Bebas Channel7 gün əvvəl
  • Those lil geese babies built different

    Evan TurnerEvan Turner7 gün əvvəl
  • 와...이래서 냇지오 냇지오 하는구나..클라스가 다르다

    적설적설7 gün əvvəl
  • These animals are just badass AF.

    Dolly PopDolly Pop7 gün əvvəl
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    Rhino TashjianRhino Tashjian7 gün əvvəl
  • I cried when the baby chick fell off Life is cruel

    DarkyperDarkyper7 gün əvvəl
  • This isn't a video about nature, beautifully filmed as it is, it's a NatGeo typical propaganda film about global warming ! Like it or not, National Geographic has become a Liberal outlet for environmental, anti-hunting, animal rights slanted delivery of what they want you to think ! Watch their productions with your own judgment and intelligent care !

    123ABCCBA321drome123ABCCBA321drome7 gün əvvəl
  • 6:56 That little bird tho...

    Mr. Muhammad IqbalMr. Muhammad Iqbal7 gün əvvəl
  • So beautiful views and the life of animals freely

    Funny MonkeysFunny Monkeys7 gün əvvəl
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    Eberle TylerEberle Tyler7 gün əvvəl
  • This channel is GoLd 👍

    jCS:Fo0tRuB &sOmE TriTiUMjCS:Fo0tRuB &sOmE TriTiUM7 gün əvvəl
  • Nathional Geographic si está en inglés. Para que lo emitís en España, lo lógico sería emitirlo en español castellano, no en inglés. Así no nos enteramos y no los vemos, ¿porque no emitís en español y lo mandais a Inglaterra? Nathional muy mal👎

    Fernando Terleiro BeiroFernando Terleiro Beiro7 gün əvvəl
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    Chungwei WangChungwei Wang8 gün əvvəl
  • Am I the only one who always hopes the predators catch their prey? They gotta eat too ya feel me.

    henny Smithhenny Smith8 gün əvvəl