Our Planet | From Deserts to Grasslands | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

17 Apr 2020
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Experience our planet's natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope.
In this episode: Cameras follow desert elephants seeking sustenance, bison roaming North American grasslands and caterpillars living the good life underground.
For more about Grasslands please visit www.ourplanet.com/en/video/how-to-save-our-grasslands
Download free educational resources at www.ourplanet.com/en/schools-and-youth
US Rating: TV-PG. Parental guidance suggested.
SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/29qBUt7
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Our Planet | From Deserts to Grasslands | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

  • leopards don’t last very long I see

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  • 12:53 my dad walk past me and saw my laptop and he gave me a wtf u watching look lol

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    • 12:47 my bad

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  • Those birds at the desert are not 50 000, they are atleast 5 million

    King OlfKing Olf3 saat əvvəl
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  • Wow I love this.

  • wow its really amazing we can imagine wonderful things in our life . and thank you Netflix for putting this on AZlabel for free

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  • I was watching this with the Mrs. yesterday. She turned to me and says..."They should change the title to, Human Bad." No joke...human bad. The guilt trip kinda ruins the show.

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  • Wonderful video thank you Netflix :)

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  • thankyou netflix for taking the step for the preservation of wildlife and the planet by making awarness in the peopel.

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  • the animal world is wonderful and incredible

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  • What a delight to be able to watch a quality video instead of the rubbish that’s on the TV tonight. Wonderful show, and it would have to be with Sir David Attenborough narrating it. Thank you Netflix for sharing. Victor from Australia.

    Victor BerquezVictor Berquez2 gün əvvəl
  • *How did fragile humans and their nine month incubation manage to survive in this widerness ?*

    RaphaëlRaphaël2 gün əvvəl
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  • we think wildlife and marine life have a right to live in the natural habitat and not in zoos, circuses and aquariums............. the UN charter have to begin with the rights of wild and marine life.......... may be it would a good idea to seek the opinion of Greta Thunberg...on this matter .......as she represents the global community of teenagers........

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  • How can you be in the right place at the right time filming all these...its incredible

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  • Props to India for protecting the tigers.

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  • Wonderful wonderful

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  • if no being ever ventured in the desert how you get the hidden cameras in the desert and also this explains nature in a way i could never imagine

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  • Love the relationship of the butterflies with the ants

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  • We’re leading them to death..

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  • 12:48 that’s horrible...

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  • Is it just me or most of these animals look like CGI

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  • Humans slaughter the great heard 😂 We know who and why 🤷

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  • thank you so much.

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  • These camera man don´t get the credit they deserve. Being away from family and freinds. Sitting countless days in the heat cold or heigh just to capture a few seconds. One hell of a job.

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    • They do really great jobs very underrated

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  • the narrator voice is so dramatic! lol

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  • U mean the white people slaughtered the bison when natives lived with the herds! Shame!

    Mohammed ZamirMohammed Zamir6 gün əvvəl
  • When I die I want my carcass thrown to the desert lions. I want to become one with the most beautiful of all of the species + the toughest on Earth. ❤💖🐈 That Arabian leopard was so beautiful I am still crying.

    Kata SKata S6 gün əvvəl
  • I absolutely love David Attenborough!! Best Narrator to date!!! Thank you Netflix!! Very enjoyable series!!

    Amanda MandigoAmanda Mandigo6 gün əvvəl
  • Can someone say summory( idk how to write dis, or maybe its correct .w.) of this video?

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  • The music in this documentary is just spectacular as well!

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  • Dude was born in 1926. Incredible

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  • Man tigers are so exotic..

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  • A five cheetah Coalition, is like having 5 Usain Bolts ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ chasing after people! So you know those cheetahs are going to eat very well all the time in this environment!

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  • Is there any wild carnivorous animals APART from zoo in white people country? They are scared and killed them to extinction. They now shows documentaries about wild animals and talk about protection.

    asisasis7 gün əvvəl
  • David Attenborough, you are a legend in defence of mother earth. Your documentaries are epic. I just love them.

    Ronald BobRonald Bob7 gün əvvəl
  • Hayvanların yaşam alanlarına dokunmayın 🤗

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  • Planet earth so great and so biutiful.. ... Thank you for upload... I love it...

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  • Anyone here from a science class?

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  • These animals are interesting and cute. The forests is beautiful ☠️💯

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  • david atenburough is probably the best narator ever. such a warm nice voice he has. even after 20 year listening i cant ge tired of this voice

    Mitch LescrauwaetMitch Lescrauwaet8 gün əvvəl
  • Thank you Netflix. Looking forward to see more....🥰😘🥳

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  • imagine philippine eagle is more like this ..

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  • So like, if they installed some fountains or ponds in places where people aren't; wouldn't all the animals; including all the big, beautiful & /or dangerous ones; kind-of hang around where that fountain/freshwater pond is located; and away from the people then, and thus pose less of a conflict with humans & as a result: be able to do better themselves?

    Kata SKata S8 gün əvvəl
  • .

    Russell McNamaraRussell McNamara8 gün əvvəl
  • Im so happy Im crying.. One of the most beautiful species that will ever exist.. Thank you God. Thank you, beautiful Tigers. Thank you human beings. And yes, it is every human being's job to protect the beautiful things that he or she loves.. that is just one of the many conditions of life that every living being on Earth is born into.. 💛💚💙💜❤💖✨

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  • Animals are being represented here by Sir David Attenborough.

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